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What is Intellectual Property Law?

Yes it is true that intellectual property seems to be so common nowadays; it’s been spoken, heard, seen in written documents or even when signing one but it’s ironic that despite it is used widely, few people know what it is about. When starting with new employer, there’s typically a confidentially document or clause which includes IP references. Basically what this indicates is that, any inventions or innovations made by the employee is the property of their employer. Many actually sign these documents even if they haven’t reviewed it.

Intellectual property law covers wide subject of legal territory which ranges from copyright and trademark to design, inventions and even creative aspects similar to arts, music and writing. Practicing IP law can be to protect those who have created new designs or ideas or may even defend the company with the intellectual property clause stated in the contract. As a basic example, a lawyer practicing in intellectual property law can provide assistance in an inventor or entrepreneur in terms of filing patent for new invention or for filing papers to trademark the logo for inventions in question. Musicians or singers can also hire an IP lawyer in regards to getting assistance to file copyrights to protect their rights on sales of their recorded performances and works.

And because of the reason that this field of law is quite broad, it is common for lawyers practicing this field to focus on a certain field within the intellectual property law. There are some legal professionals who might have engineering backgrounds or degrees that amplifies their understanding and knowledge of industrial aspect of IP law.

Also, there are some lawyers who have a good background, experience as well as education in fields of banking, business, performing arts, non-profits and the likes. Again, this is to widen their grasp of the law and better practice the specialty and nuanced aspects of copyright, trademark and patent law.

Yes it is true that most of the time, individuals are involved in intellectual property law like filing trademark, copyright or patents but there are also situations to which companies and businesses are involved. Sole proprietorships to big corporations might find the need for filing copyright or trademark as well. As you decide to hire an IP lawyer, they are going to do all the research needed to steer clear of probable infringements or conflicts or if it does happen, do the best they can to protect your rights. From the actual processing of filing the paperwork, managing the copyright or trademark to whatnot, these lawyers will help you in each step of the way.

You never know but a newly formed business may unwittingly or intentionally infringed on trademark or copyright. You know that you’re protected with intellectual property lawyer on your side.

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