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The jigsaw puzzle is one of the ancient forms of entertainment because it dates back to previous years. There are many phases of expansion and progress that the jigsaw puzzle has passed for it to become the modern pastime activity. Besides jigsaws being used for entertainment purposes, they are also used for therapy; both physical and emotional, and also for educational purposes. In previous years, jigsaw puzzles were utilized as a way of making children understand the structure and size of several countries. Several skills were acquired by a child as a result of using puzzles, and this included getting problem-solving skills and develop a logical thought. Another skill that is attained while using the jigsaw puzzle include spatial awareness and eye-hand coordination. Previous jigsaw puzzles which were used for educational purposes were made of a wooden map without interlocking pieces.

However, later there was an invention of saws which could be accurately cut, and this has since made jigsaws a widespread pastime. Children learn differently and among the merits of a jigsaw puzzle is that it encompasses many learning aptitudes. As a teacher, if you want to remind the children what you had taught earlier, or you want to begin a new topic, then the best way is to use the jigsaw puzzle. The moment a child can correlate their prior knowledge to what they already have, then the educational value increases and more is achieved. In the previous years, jigsaws puzzles were a popular entertainment game among the wealthy people. However, later there come other manufacturers of jigsaw puzzles and finally other people could join the entertainment activity. A majority of jigsaw enthusiasts love to keep jigsaws if they involve one thousand pieces and more.

There are different ways that a jigsaw enthusiast will keep their games and these include laminating, mounting and framing. When a customer buys something from a company, they are given a puzzle as a way of appreciation and this drives more customers to a company. The jigsaw puzzles that are given to customers are normally fitted with something that is in relation to the company, and an individual will try hard to unravel that. There are various sizes of jigsaw puzzles, and that will depend on the manufacturer and the target group.

Besides the physical jigsaw puzzles that can be found in stores, there are others that are available on the online platform. There are many websites that are providing jigsaw enthusiasts with puzzles that they can play. Depending on the preferences and tastes of the puzzler, they can download the game or play it over the internet. There are those puzzlers who have played jigsaw puzzles for long, and they choose difficult levels while there are those that are beginners and they will select easy levels.

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