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How to Balance the Negative and Positive Space the Design of Finance Logos

The last decade has seen significant changes in the design of finance logos. These days, companies are designing logos that are clean, easy to understand and with balancing positive and negative space. A boost in your graphics will guarantee the success of your brand.

Negative Space Defined

Simply, negative space is the blank left around the company logo and its essence cannot be underestimated. Negative space marks the outline of a logo. When designing a finance logo, a negative space is purposely put there to tell what the company is all about.

The way to make a logo interesting is to balance the negative and positive space. The following tips will help your design your own exciting logo:

Keep it simple

The primary goal of any company or brand is to create a demand for the products and services they offer. The way to make your prospective clients remembering you to make your finance logo basic.

For instance, a conventional loan company optimizes on the negative space in the logo design. A basic house outline is a proper symbol of a conventional loan firm. In a similar vein, same to a conventional loan company, a mortgage firm that seeks easy identification would still find negative space essential.

A logo with stuffed with lots of elements such as excessive colors, symbols and shapes is complex to understand and is a turn off for prospective clients.

Use at Most One Attention Grabber

If a company logo design includes more than two attention grabbers, then it would make interpretation unnecessarily difficult. Be sure to create a professional yet unique logo to makes it simple for prospective clients to associate with your brand.

Ensure the test in the company’s name does not exceed two colors for an accounting firm. To stand out in a crowd of thousands of other firms, an object such as a calculator with sufficient border space to make it unique.

Traditional is Cool

Different from art and retail designs, finance logos designs are best when they take the traditional route. Great examples of simple designs that prospective customers find straightforward to interpret are like those of banks. Consider Chase Bank, for instance. The bank has a logo design that has the word Chase in black bold text inside a bolded blue fashionable Octagon. The degree of professionalism you aim to depict should be evident in your first potential options.

To Sum Up

The negative space in logos serves many purposes than you can imagine. With the tips above, you can make your next company finance logo design stand out by optimizing on the negative space.